IJIAART X Victoria's Secret collaboration
For 2018 Spring collection, I have painted several illustrations for App stickers and Victoria's Secret's beauty products including PJ, photoshoot, bags, and packages. It has been such a fun experience!
New York Street Vendor
Line illustration for NYC Coloring Book / Card. While sketching New York Street, I found charms of each various street vendor in NYC. It was originally drawn in a rough sketch. Later I developed it for a coloring book.
Union Square Green Market
Line illustration of the Union Square Green Market in NYC.
Illustration, Drawing, Fine Arts
Victoria's Secret Emoji Illustration
Organic Herbs Painting
One morning, I woke up with a thirst and decided to paint very fresh green leafs and herbs with gouache.
Illustration, Painting, Pattern Design
Jazz arrived to the big city!
This painting is one of the Husky in the City collection for the solo show in Ouchi Gallery. After climbing a mountain, Jazz finally arrived to the city!
Illustration, Painting
Little husky in the city
This is one of intro painting of little huskies marching to the big city for the solo show in Brooklyn. It was painted in gouache and acrylic. After the little husky Jazz arrives to NYC, a fun adventure starts.
Illustration, Painting
NYC Wild Animal Painting
NYC animals
Autumn Leaves in The Central Park
Illustration, Painting, Pattern Design
Husky Alphabet Yoga
Siberian Husky makes A to the Z using her flexible body yoga!
Illustration, Painting, Pattern Design
Happy Donuts
Donut paintings in gouache
Illustration, Culinary Arts, Painting
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